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Renu Hair Restoration CalgaryWe offer a range of non surgical and surgical treatment options to meet your unique needs and help you regain your confidence.

Renu Hair Restoration Calgary
ReNu Hair Restoration takes a holistic approach to medical hair restoration. Our specialty is strictly hair restoration, from preventative to surgical procedures. We focus on our patients' needs and build relationships to ensure they can prevent their hair loss progression and maintain steady hair growth.

Our practice has a solution for every type of hair loss and a plan to treat it. We conduct initial assessments and diagnoses and recommend the best treatment option based on your unique situation.

We specialize in hair loss treatments for both men and especially women. Women haven’t had many options with hair loss since most treatments were geared towards men, while others did not achieve the desired expectations women were seeking. Transplants were also difficult to offer to women who tend to thin throughout, causing the donor area to also thin out. We offer a range of non-surgical treatment options to meet your unique need.Read more

If you are out of town, or you have a busy schedule we would be happy to assist you via our online consultation. Please fill all areas and take 5 clear pictures and upload from phone or computer and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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Our team

  • Dawn Speedie

    Dawn Speedie has been performing surgical hair restoration for…

  • Sharon McClinchey

    Sharon has spent a large portion of her career…

  • Allysha Wellman

    Allysha is a skilled and surgical technician. She is…

  • Jake Vosburgh

    Jake has a background in business management and approaches…

  • Lloyd Tapper

    Licensed to practise in both Canada and the United…

our advantages

  • Corrective Surgical Options
    Mature hair transplant You may have had a previous hair transplant that left you with an undesirable scar or large grafts that are…
  • Surgical Hair Transplant
    Hair transplantation is the only method of hair restoration that guarantees to grow hair. A proven process that has been in use for…
  • Non Surgical Treatments
    ReNu offers a range of non surgical and surgical hair loss treatment options as preventative measures or used in conjunction with many of…
  • Medical Scalp Micropigmentation
    Scalp Micro Pigmentation is the ultimate in non-surgical male and female scalp grooming method; an incredible life-changing treatment where natural pigments are applied…

why Choose Us

Our years of experience in all types of hair restoration can help you achieve the best you possible.

The answer is simple, we pride ourselves on quality and we specialize exclusively in hair restoration allowing us to offer the highest quality care and because this is all we do we focus on advances and offer what we know will give each client their optimal results.

Our standards

  • Our Practitioners & Surgical Team
    Professional, Experienced, Efficient, Friendly. AT ReNu we specialize in medical hair loss and believe continual education is of utmost importance to offer you the most advanced options that…
  • Our Facility
    Our new state of the art clinic was designed  with our patients needs in mind. Our facility is located in the trendy area of Royal Oak and offers…
  • Our Support Team
    Our surgical technicians, nurses and other support team members are ready to help. Our team has a breadth of experience working in the hair restoration field. We take…