Corrective Surgical Options

Mature hair transplant

You may have had a previous hair transplant that left you with an undesirable scar or large grafts that are very noticeable. We have several options available to you that will restore your hair and your faith in your decision to have your transplant.

Eyebrows transplant

We can recreate your eyebrows in much the same way we would do a hair transplant. We extract a small amount of donor area to achieve a permanent natural brow.

Mustache & Beard Transplant

Whether you need to fill in a space or camouflage an area or scar, we can assist you in attaining your desired results using hair transplantation.


If you are out of town, or you have a busy schedule we would be happy to assist you via our online consultation. Please fill all areas and take 5 clear pictures and upload from phone or computer and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Upload Your Photos (A frontal picture, left 45, right 45 , top and back photo are required)





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